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Help With A Federal Agency

One of the most important ways I can assist you as your elected U.S. Representative is to help you untangle yourself from the complications that can arise when dealing with federal agencies. Although I cannot force an agency to expedite your case or act in your favor, I can request timely, reasonable and fair consideration of your concerns. Additionally, I can facilitate the processes involved, answer questions, gain a fair hearing for your case and sometimes advocate for a favorable outcome.

Please bear in mind that I cannot offer legal advice or recommend an attorney. The rules of the House do not allow me to intervene in, or influence the outcome of cases that are under the jurisdiction of any court. Nor am I allowed to intervene in matters under the jurisdiction of state or local government entities.

There are many agencies within the Federal Government that I can assist with cutting through the red tape. Regardless of which agency you need help with, please print and complete the Congressional Privacy Release and then fax or mail it to one of my district offices.

If you are facing an urgent or time sensitive matter, please call one of my district offices directly for accelerated service.