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Labrador Responds to Jobless Numbers

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Congressman Raúl R. Labrador (ID-01) responded to the release of the October 2011 jobless numbers by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, saying:

After failed stimulus packages, taxpayer-funded industry bailouts and record spending, unemployment still hovers at 9 percent. But this 9 percent isn’t merely a number.

In this 9 percent are our family members, friends and neighbors. They wonder how they’ll make ends meet while still clinging to the hope of one day fulfilling their American Dreams.

And they are right to demand that those they elect to serve them in Washington, D.C. work each and every day to get our economy back on track. That’s why the House has passed 22 bipartisan bills that would provide relief for America’s job creators by increasing access to affordable energy, eliminating excessive regulations, easing their tax burden and fostering opportunities for securing capital.

Still, Sen. Harry Reid has refused to allow an “up or down” vote in the Senate. We’ve done our part. It’s time for Sen. Reid to do his. America’s workers and job creators deserve no less.

After all, America has always been home to the world’s greatest th   inkers, doers, innovators and inventors. And the House’s proposals will help harness American ingenuity and entrepreneurship to safeguard our prosperity for years to come.