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Selection Criteria

Nominations from U.S. Congressman Raúl Labrador are based on a "whole person" evaluation.

Applicants are considered for nomination based upon five levels of criteria:


I. Scholarship:

Evaluation of academic records will include the applicant's

grade point average, SAT / ACT scores, class ranking,

student's willingness to embrace academic challenges, and

if applicable any college records.


II. Leadership:

Consideration will be made based on the student's

leadership experience and potential command ability. The

consideration of this qualification will be based upon the

applicant's records of extracurricular activities. Quality of

involvement is stressed over the number of activities.


III. Character / Motivation:

Consideration of the motivation and desire of applicants to attend a

service academy is based upon the essay submitted by the applicant,

their recommendations, and their interview before the Academy

Nominee Selection Board.


IV. Medical / Physical:

The academies schedule medical and physical fitness examinations.

Students will be notified when and where to report for these tests.


V. Competitiveness:

The final consideration of an applicant for a nomination is comparative

in nature, appraising each applicant's attributes against all others who

are applying.




If you have any questions please feel free to contact Judy Morbeck at


(208) 667-0127 or