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As your Representative, I believe that growing our economy is the most important issue facing our country.  I also believe that the best way to grow our economy is to get the government out of the way so that families, businesses, and individuals can prosper. 

During this session of Congress (Jan. 2013-present), I have introduced four bills to bolster Idaho’s economy.  These bills would reduce federal interference in the management of our resources, expand our resource production, and create jobs.

I’ve also cosponsored dozens of bills to rejuvenate our economy.  These bills cover a wide spectrum of issues – from energy to health care, from taxes to spending, from infrastructure to workforce development.  These bills would have a powerful and immediate effect on our economy.  Not only would they create jobs, they would also spur other benefits – from lower energy prices to better health care, from a better quality of life to a stronger American Dream. 

I am proud to support these bills and I will continue to champion them.  Please see below for a full list of bills I’ve introduced to allow our economy to flourish.  Following that is a list of bills I’ve cosponsored to help create jobs.  I will keep these lists updated as events change.  Thank you for your interest.    

 Bills Introduced to Help Grow Our Economy, 113th Congress:

*H.R.1294, Self-Sufficient Community Lands Act

Establishes a program to generate economic activity for local governments and counties containing National Forest System land through a management-focused approach.

*H.R.1363, Exploring for Geothermal Energy on Federal Lands Act

Exempts projects determined by the Secretary of the Interior to be geothermal exploration test projects from environmental impact statement requirements under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

*H.R.657, Grazing Improvement Act

Extends Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Forest Service livestock grazing permits from 10 years to 20 years in order to give producers adequate longevity and production stability.

*H.R.1439, Idaho Land Sovereignty Act

Prohibits the further extension or establishment of national monuments in Idaho, except by express authorization of Congress.


Bills I’ve Cosponsored to Help Grow Our Economy, 113th Congress:



*H.R.2511, Federal Land Freedom Act of 2013

Empowers States to control the development and production of all forms of energy on all available Federal land.

*H.R. 596, Public Lands Renewable Energy Development Act of 2013

Streamlines permitting for renewable energy projects on public lands.

*H.R.1461, Renewable Fuel Standard Elimination Act

Repeals the renewable fuel program.

*H.R. 2026, Silviculture Regulatory Consistency Act of 2013

Prohibits the EPA from further regulating the conduct of the silviculture activities.

*H.R.2192, National Monument Designation Transparency and Accountability Act

Amends the Antiquities Act to require certain procedures for designating national monuments.

*H.R.979, Forest Products Fairness Act of 2013

Amends the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act to modify the definition of the term "biobased product".

*H.R.761, National Strategic and Critical Minerals Production Act of 2013

Requires the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Agriculture to more efficiently develop domestic sources of the minerals and mineral materials of strategic and critical importance to U.S. competitiveness (passed House).




Repeals the Affordable Care Act (passed House)



*H.J. RES 1

Proposes a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.

*H.R.807, Full Faith and Credit Act

Requires that the Government prioritize all obligations on the debt held by the public in the event that the debt limit is reached (passed House).

*H.R.1174, Sound Dollar Act of 2013

Improves the functioning and transparency of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the Federal Open Market Committee.

*H.R.824, Federal Workforce Reduction Through Attrition Act

Reduces the total number of civil service employees in the executive branch of the Government through attrition.

*H.R.695, Civilian Property Realignment Act

Decreases the deficit by realigning, consolidating, selling, disposing, and improving the efficiency of Federal buildings and other civilian real property.

*H.R.828, Decrease Spending Now Act

Rescinds $45 billion of unobligated discretionary appropriations.


Establishes the Committee on the Elimination of Nonessential Federal Programs.



*H.R.2429, Death Tax Repeal Act of 2013

Repeals the estate and generation-skipping transfer taxes

*H.R.259, Energy Freedom and Economic Prosperity Act

Terminates certain energy tax subsidies and lowers the corporate income tax rate.

*H.R.1065, STATE Act

Reduces the Federal tax on fuels by the amount of any increase in the rate of tax on such fuel by the States.

*H.R.2309, Wireless Tax Fairness Act of 2013

Restricts any State or local jurisdiction from imposing a new discriminatory tax on cell phone services, providers, or property.



*H.R.3486, Transportation Empowerment Act

Empowers States with authority for most taxing and spending for highway programs and mass transit programs.



*H.R.1406, Working Families Flexibility Act of 2013

Amends the Fair Labor Standards Act to provide compensatory time for employees in the private sector (passed House).

*H.R.2347, Representation Fairness Restoration Act

Amends the National Labor Relations Act with respect to the criteria for determining employee units appropriate for the purposes of collective bargaining.


To see all the bills I’ve introduced during the 113th Congress, click here.

To see all the bills I’ve cosponsored during the 113th Congress, click here.

Last updated: Jan. 5, 2014