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Labrador Comes Out Against Congressional Authorization to Use Force Against Syria

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Rep. Raúl Labrador (R-ID) announced today that he will vote against any Congressional authorization of the use of force against Syria.  The Congressman carefully reviewed all of the arguments for and against a potential U.S. attack – including attending a classified briefing and speaking with a member of the Administration – and reached the conclusion that a military assault on Syria would harm, rather than improve, our national security. 

“I gave the Administration a chance to make their case, but they couldn’t make it,” said Rep. Labrador.  “Nothing they said changed the fact that we are not the police force of the world, we don’t have any compelling national interest in Syria, and it’s doubtful that an alternative government in Syria will be any better than the current one. While no one doubts that Bashar al-Assad is a brutal dictator, it’s very likely that removing him power will embolden al-Qaeda and other terrorists.

 “We also can’t rule out the possibility that - despite the Administration’s assurances - a Congressional authorization to use force against Syria will lead to the use of U.S. ground forces.  After our experience in Iraq, I couldn’t think of anything worse than putting our brave servicemen and women in harm’s way to police a civil war in a land in which we have no vital interests.  Better options are available, and we should use them.

“I will vote ‘no’ on any Congressional authorization to use force against Syria, and I will encourage my colleagues to do the same.”