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Labrador Receives Judiciary and Natural Resources Subcommittee Assignments

WASHINGTON, D.C.– The Office of Congressman Raúl R. Labrador is pleased to announce the following subcommittee assignments were made at the Republican Organizational Caucus meetings held yesterday.

Congressman Labrador has been assigned to the Immigration Subcommittee in the Judiciary Committee.  Immigration reform is on the top of both President Obama’s and Congressional Republicans’ agenda, and over the past two years Congressman Labrador has emerged as a leading voice for conservative immigration reform.  “Our nation’s broken immigration system has become an economic drag and a national security problem.  We must fix it, but we must do so in way that is fair to the immigrants who have followed the rules, the people who are caught in the system, and the American people who expect the rule of law to be followed," Labrador said.

Congressman Labrador was also assigned to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security and Investigations.  “I am particularly excited about this subcommittee because there is a clear need to bring accountability and real oversight to the Department of Justice.  This assignment recognizes my role last session in the Committee on Oversight & Government Reform during the Fast and Furious investigation and will allow me to continue that work in the 113th Congress.”

He will also rejoin the House Natural Resources Committee, and has been assigned to the Public Lands and Environmental Regulation Subcommittee as well as to the Water and Power Subcommittee.  “Natural resources are the backbone of the Idaho economy but are often subjected to misguided regulations that do nothing to protect the environment.   The Public Lands and Environmental Regulations Subcommittee will give me the perfect spot to continue my work on regulatory reform and forest health.   My position on the Water and Power Subcommittee allows me to provide the oversight and guidance needed to ensure a reliable source of cost-effective hydroelectric power for Idaho.”