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Labrador Statement on Debt Limit Extension

WASHINGTON, D.C.– Idaho First District Congressman Raúl Labrador today issued the following statement on the House vote to temporarily raise the country’s debt limit:

“I supported today's vote to temporarily raise the debt limit so Congress can focus on a package of meaningful spending cuts. We will extend the president's authority to borrow money for the next three months, which will give Congress and the president time to find a way to fulfill what both Republicans and Democrats say is the important goal of reducing spending. 

“This bill is not just about the debt limit, it is also about accountability. President Obama is borrowing $4 billion a day, dragging us deeper and deeper into debt. Meanwhile, the Senate has continued to break the law by refusing to pass a budget. This bill requires the Senate to tell the American people how it would like to spend taxpayer dollars, as the House of Representatives has done since the day I arrived. If the president and Congress are going to borrow additional money, mortgaging the future of our children, then our spending priorities must be absolutely clear.”