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Labrador Statement on "Fiscal Cliff" Deal

WASHINGTON, D.C. —Idaho First District Congressman Raúl R. Labrador issued the following statement after voting against the Biden-McConnell bill to resolve the “fiscal cliff” issue:

“Like I have been saying for months, bills that pass during lame duck sessions are not good for the country.  This was a difficult vote, but as far as I am concerned the Biden-McConnell deal is worse than no deal at all. It temporarily ends the debate but does nothing to solve the problems that our country faces—in fact, it is a perfect example of why our country is $16 trillion in debt.  The deal does nothing to address out of control spending and delays the only meaningful cuts Congress has been able to pass in the last two years.

The president campaigned on a promise of a balanced approach--$2.50 in spending cuts for every dollar of tax increases.  Today's deal does not even accomplish that goal. The problems that have brought us to the edge of this ‘fiscal cliff’ can never be fixed with revenues alone.  Both parties must rein in out-of-control spending. Today, I’m not sure either party is serious about reducing our debt and deficits. 

Families across the country have had to learn how to do more with less but Washington has not been willing to do the same. Both parties and the president need to put partisan politics and tactics aside and actually make meaningful decisions that will fix our fiscal mess.”